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Roman Brühwiler

Born 1959
Father of four children
Lic. oec. HSG

From 1992 to 2004 he built up a wholesale firm for teaching materials and managed it as a CEO.

"The thing that's really fascinating about "Touch the World" is the organizational challenge, putting a puzzle of 195 pieces in it's right order. The fact that we're bringing humanitarian aid to those countries, seems very satisfying to me."


Robert Bonderer

Robert Bonderer worked for 15 years as a business aviation pilot. During this time, he learned a lot about the organisation of such a huge project.
"It requires huge preparation, clarifications and effort to set up this travel adventure. With a lot of enthusiasm I am looking to bring together the right people. From the graphic artist, to the media people, to the sponsors and the travel team, there are many people who are enthusiastic about this idea."

Natascha Berg

Natascha Berg was German Miss World 2000. She will take part in the journey at different stages, handing over the cheque on site – maybe also your cheque, if you decide to participate.


Dr. med. Maurilio Bruni

Maurilio Bruni , MD is a General Practitioner in his own clinic at Wil SG. As well he has a specialisation in Travel and Tropical Medicine FMH. He' ll be accompanying the trip through several African countries.

Mathias Teber

Mathias Teber studies Law and Economics at the University of St.Gallen.
Enthusiastic and highly motivated he supports the project on stages in Asia and America as companion.

Christine Enderlin

Christine Enderlin, experienced travel enthusiast and working until recently for an international IT company, supports the project in communication matters.

Marcel Widmer

Marcel Widmer studies "Multilingual Communication" at the ZH Winterthur by automn 2006. He's responsible for the visa during the journey and the homepage.

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