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As soon as the "Touch the World"-Team has crossed the border to a foreign country, the company does support one of the following projects by donating a certain amount.

Äthiopien - DLS Lehrmittel AG

Brasilien - h.e.p. Verlag

Indonesien - Basler Versicherungen

DLS Lehrmittel AG -
DLS Lehrmittel AG distributes teaching material to vocational and cantonal schools (Kantonsschule), as well as universities. A part of the revenue is used to support aid projects.

When the "Touch the World"-team crosses the border to Ethiopia, the DLS Lehrmittel AG transfers Fr. 70'000.- at the vocational education centre SELAM in Addis Abeba, where 450 apprentices are educated in different professions, allowing also orphans to have a real chance to access the labour market independently.

SELAM pupils in school uniforms
Boys and girls can complete 3 to 4 years apprenticeships.
The cows provide milk, butter and cheese for the entire children’s village.
The « SELAM » centre takes mainly care of orphans aged 2 to 20 years.
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